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Conversation Between KodytheKing and SteBO

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  1. It's cool. I'll step in again no problem. I have no issues putting them up. Just wondering so I don't step on your toes in the future
  2. Well my internet is kinda working again. If you don't want to put one up this week I can try and get one up real quick tomorrow night. But if you could just do it for one more week I should be able to get it all fixed by then. Thanks again for all the help.
  3. When do you plan on putting up GT's?
  4. No problem bro
  5. Hey i know i said I'll be able to get the rest of the GT threads. But I moved this weekend and haven't been able to get my computer se up. So do you think you could get the next weeks thread?
  6. I already got a GT up for you.....I'll try to help you out a bit with those when I get the chance.
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