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Conversation Between WOwolfOL and ewing

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  1. Also, Tonedeff and Cunninglynguists, if you aren't already familiar. Tone has impeccable flow. Check out, TNT, Porcelain, Politics. For CL, check out Old School (goddamn genius track), Falling Down, Caved In (ft Cee-Lo)
  2. Vakill is another Chicago cat. I haven't checked up on him in a long time, but if you haven't heard "The Darkest Cloud", I suggest you try to find it. His wordplay is ****ing sick. He's a punchline extraordinaire. Very clever. When he wants to, he can also make a heartfelt track. He had a falling-out with Twista way back before Adrenaline Rush, and he discusses the beef on a great song called "I'll Bleed"

    Little Brother/Justus League/Foreign Exchange - they got a little popular after their producer, Ninth Wonder, did a track for Jay's Black Album (Threat) so you may have heard them already. But if not, 'The Listening' was a pure highlight from the early-millennium blitz of the underground.

    I'll try to think of some more..
  3. Sure. Only thing is, I don't really check on much new music anymore, so it'll probably be stuff that's a few years old or older.

    Have you heard of Sweatshop Union? They're a group out of Canada. Good messages, creative flows, they're all pretty solid lyricists. Their best albums to me are Natural Progression and United We Fall. Check out the tracks, "Never Enough", "The Way"

    Typical Cats are another seldom mentioned group, out of Chicago. Three emcees with vastly different styles but a clear cohesiveness. Their self-titled debut is a very tight project. Qwel, is the name of the head guy. He has several solo pieces to check out also, most notably "If It Ain't Been In A Pawn Shop, It Can't Play The Blues". He produces his own tracks and is a punchline artist. Check out "Reinvent the Wheel"
  4. yo man, you always post cool hip hop in the music forum. You think you could PM a couple artists that i have more then one or two cool tracks for me to download?
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