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Conversation Between Aust and lol, please

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  1. Ah, makes sense. I miss it, lol, but I get it. Was just curious.
  2. I'm not the one who thought of it. A couple people I know did. I kind of liked it at first, but as I've gotten older I feel like I've outgrown it. Don't care for it anymore.
  3. I know i've asked before in threads, but I am genuinly curious - why did you drop the eezy from Austeezy?
  4. What was it? I am going to miss Austeezy.
  5. lost a bet
  6. why the name change?
  7. I hate you with a passion right now for beating me to making the classic, NFC north thread in the nfl main.
  8. While I agree, I am slightly concerned what it would cost to bring him and and if it would mess with the chemistry they have now, at the same time I have to remember we have Jerry West whatever happens I just hope it's the best possible deal we could get and it all works out, lol.
  9. Howard to the Warriors rumors are getting blistering hot. Would much rather see him in a Golden State uni than a Rocket one. Your team would be fun to watch
  10. Too tired to write in length. Already written something like this down a long time ago:!/page12
    I like pretty much all California sports teams except: SF Giants, Athletics, Raiders and Clippers.
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