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Conversation Between crewfan13 and Norm

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  1. Brent Grimes, DeAngelo Hall, Tramon Williams (cant believe we didn't bring him back last season), Jonathon Joseph, Darelle Revis (probably too overpriced)

    lol. The best part is Revis is too expensive. Is the dude living in 2013? All those guys are toast. IDGAF what PFF says about Tramon. #9 CB, lol, PFF is bad.

    I wouldn't be mad if we signed one, but that's what people "want?"

    Half the reason I don't come here anymore. Everyone is clueless (and angry)
  2. Random somewhat but there's a an actual scout. Hand to God. On another site. He keeps saying Goodson had the second best man skills in that entire class
  3. Imagine if Howard Green and Cobb are the last two left in that game. LOL, that would be somethin.
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