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Conversation Between lol, please and Raps08-09 Champ

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  1. #WarriorsvsRaptors.

    Raptors in 6
  2. Go Raptors!!
  3. yessir
  4. That would also be your dream champion. #Raps15-16 champ.
  5. Dude that would be my dream series!!!!!
  6. See you in the finals. #Raps15-16 champ.
  7. I was in tears yesterday. The biggest win in franchise history! Are you excited!?!?!?!?! Were you are the game? I am so happy for Raptors fans right now. You, and another guy I knew personally are almost entrirely the reason I root for the Raptors as my eastern conference team when they aren't playing the Warriors. I was literally in tears.
  8. Sorry didn't see it in time, I don't think I will have the time anyway, but thanks for checking with me.
  9. Well it's too late to signup now. NBA Mock, not redraft.
  10. Mock redraft?
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