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Conversation Between lol, please and valade16

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  1. I'm out of the redraft, sorry. Didn't get anyone in the first two rounds. Learned I was underbidding anyway. Good learning experience for next time.
  2. Group 2 is now open for bidding. Remember, this group (and all remaining groups) are 24 hours, NOT 48 hours. The deadline is 1:00 pm EST (10 am pacific) tomorrow.

    This will be my last reminder. From now on it is your responsibility to check in and send you bids within the deadlines.
  3. Bidding for Group 1 is now open and will close in 48 hours. Send me 1 Private Message only with all your bids as well as order of priority if you win 2 (you cannot win more than 1 this group). Remember, you can use cents when bidding (ex. $41.50).

    List of players in group 1 is found here:
  4. Please go in and check-in and create your clubhouse:
  5. Having gone back and read what I wrote yeah I can definitely see that. I meant to say it would get the most ratings and that would be a matchup more people would want to see.

    I personally don't care who we face, even the AFC Pro Bowlers, so long as were in the Superbowl.
  6. Yea well I grew up watching Montana and was here for the last two Super Bowls, and you may have meant what the general population might enjoy more, but it didn't come out that way and when everyone else is listing what they would rather watch, you come off as not so "faithful" a Niner faithful.
  7. Don't ever call myself a Niners fan? I guarantee I'm about as big a Niner fan out there as you can find!! I'd seriously like to see your Niner credentials to see how far back you go. I was speaking as more of what the general consensous would want to see, it probably came out a little confusing.

    I was the same guy that said my favorite moment from the this season was the 49ers winning the Superbowl, so don't question my loyalty again.
  8. lmfao don't ever call yourself a Niners fan again, no Niners fan would rather see the Packers vs Patriots over the NIners in the Super Bowl and that's basically what you said.
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