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Conversation Between sacgiants1213 and J.Twiggy

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  1. i like the team we got now with mad max need better offense though.
  2. I'll be rooting for the Nationals. You guys got a good chance to take out LA if you meet up in the playoffs. Still need a bullpen though especially after losing Clippard.
  3. Well with madbum you never know reverse the trend.
  4. Giants won't be good until 2016. World Series hangover.
  5. well my Nats can now go toe to toe with your giants gonna be fun.
  6. I have no idea why they are starting at 11am thats just bogus scheduling

    And we are also wearing our 1924 washington senators uni's in the last game.
  7. why couldn't it just be a 1 PM start instead of 11 AM?
  8. Yeah i see where that will be a problem for you west coasters and thats due to it being 4th of July and that they set off fireworks in the district at night.
  9. I'm expecting a good series. Just bummed that game 2 is at 8 AM PT.
  10. We match-up pretty well with you all your team plays the same style of games mine does we don't wanna outslug you but we can if need be and we are the walk-off kings at home so the game is never over until its over at Nats park.
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