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Conversation Between KobeOwnSU and GREATNESS ONE

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  1. ???? What haha?
  2. ???? You good?
  3. lmao
  4. Ahahahahaha for sure!
  5. I'll meet you on the other side with some alcohol haha
  6. What is slotzilla???
  7. It's that zip line down Fremont street in Vegas! Look it up! We're already going, looks fun!
  8. Bro! We're going to ride SlotZilla Friday night at 10:20pm and going to both Friday Saturday Seasion. We gotta kick it when you get out there! You should come out Friday and SlotZilla
  9. You're in. Pm me your email address.

    100% in my bruddah.
  10. I want to make sure I still have a spot in the FFL? Dont want any miscommunication again haha
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