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Conversation Between sacgiants1213 and Norm

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  1. True but that's how most people are.
  2. I haven't caught much IND football tbh, but MTM is a fool. He makes up his mind on something and nothing can ever change it, nothing
  3. He's literally having the best year of his career... with arguably the worst roster since he's been in INDY.
  4. Yea. Mtm cries about him every week
  5. I've been away from PSD since before the beginning of the NFL season. Are people in the NFL forum still discrediting Andrew Luck?
  6. I wish
  7. Can we get a mulligan for these conference championship games?
  8. Lol so true
  9. Definitely possible this year. Both our QBs are peaking at the right time. People will cite Lucks INTs as the reason why he's choking, but those people are morons.
  10. That would be damn fun.
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