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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and warfelg

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  1. Am I gonna get a response on my offers? Its fine if the answer is no I just donít like not getting an answer.
  2. Just keep me informed tomorrow lol. I know you will though.
  3. I'll also just throw this out there, knowing we'd have to figure out cap implications. I'd think about Donald for Dez. Not a sure thing or anything, just throwing that out there.
  4. Just to throw my name into the Julio sweepstakes, I still would do Donald if you're interested.
  5. Jake Ryan, Brian Robison and Aaron Ripkowski for Brandon Marshall? Gives you the flexibility to run 4-3 fronts and Ryan is a fine replacement for Marshall.
  6. Not sure. I get Jordy is really damn good, but I have no intentions on moving Julio so it's going to have to be a great deal.
  7. I've just been kicking the tires on deals like this, but how much would it cost me to upgrade Jordy to Julio?
  8. ... So... Lang for Talib... this gonna be a thing?
  9. Hard pass. Your basically asking me to trade Coples for Tate. And that's no where near good enough value.
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