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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and aLau10

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  1. I'm in the chatzy.
  2. Sorry work got wild ahaha
  3. Hey, heading out for a bit, should be back around 6 EST. Let's get this thing done when I get back.
  4. Ok, I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do.
  5. OK im going to slepe now actually. Just pm me i will be on in the am
  6. Ok, sit tight, how long will you be on tonight? I'm about to make a big trade with San Diego, I think I should be able to squeeze an extra asset out of them to get something done here.
  7. no i would believe alfred morris is worth more than that. as for the deal for garcon... im not going to say I dislike it but would like to get a bit more back.... you will be getting one of the best passing offense out there.
  8. I do have another offer. My 1st (No. 18, from KC) and 3rd (from atlanta) for Alfred Morris. Interested?
  9. I get that, but I really don't think that's the strength of your team. I think you should build around Griffin and your backs, say "screw it, we'll run on anybody." To do that, you'll need defense, and after losing Kerrigan it's going to be nearly impossible to replace that production as a rusher without giving up Garcon. I can get a third round pick in this deal as well, I'd just need you to take on some Garcon money (shouldn't be a problem since you haven't used your restructures yet, you should be able to save a TON on AP when you restructure him).
  10. I am interested but I am feeling to keep a #1 option in the WR position....
    Can we do anything other than garcon?
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