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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and PackerBum9786

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  1. Or if you'd prefer we could just do Cushing+receiver for Sanders, no Trevathan.
  2. Swearinger?
  3. I really don't want Vaccaro. never really was a fan of his
  4. I figure you could use a safety, so I could send you Kenny Vacarro as well. I'll also throw in Marlon Brown (or, if you prefer, Keshawn Martin or DeVier Posey) just to give you a receiving option back. You send me back Trevathan and we've got ourselves a deal.
  5. I could have an interest in Cushing. Whats the deal you want to put together
  6. Cushing centered deal? You should build around all of that defensive talent anyway. Trevathan's stock is pretty low ATM.
  7. you can make an Offer on him. but, at this point in time it probably isn't going to be too easy to get him
  8. Emmanuel Sanders available?
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