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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and PackerBum9786

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  1. he can be moved
  2. You doing anything with Manny Ramirez?
  3. negative
  4. Hey Coby Fleener available?
  5. Ah ok, yea I just wrote in there that home's box is full so I just sent to Super/Wiss
  6. I already sent it in. I think they will most likely wait or have us resend it cause homestar's box was full
  7. Sent the trade. Just waiting on you and we're set.
  8. Perfect, let's send it in, I'll write it up and CC you in the message so you can reply all. Pleasure doing business.
  9. Alright I will do Sanders and Trevathan for Cushing and Swearinger
  10. If I'm giving up Swearinger I gotta get Trevathan. I'd give you Vacarro without needing Trevathan back... also one of the receivers.
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