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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and PackerBum9786

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  1. Not worth it. I'd give you another piece to get the 3, but I'm not giving up a valuable depth piece for a non-valuable depth piece.
  2. i'd probably do my 5th but thats about it
  3. Devier Posey for your 3?
  4. no thanks
  5. Worilds for one of your TE's?
  6. no thanks
  7. I'd give up a depth piece like Jumal Rolle or Jonathan Grimes, but yea, not looking to overpay here.
  8. I'd get that for a starter, but it's a backup eating up cap space. I'm not gonna give up anything major to get him. If he's available for cheap, I like him, but I'm not giving up much.
  9. don't want any picks. am trying to move the ones I have
  10. Wouldn't give up much, really only like a 4th rounder, he was down last year and is just eating up your cap as a backup. But I have some confidence in him, so I'm semi interested in dealing for him.
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