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Conversation Between twelvePack and Norm

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  1. We didn't work together. Bateman got in an argument with him. I just thought one of his responses was hilarious. We never tried to get anyone banned. He got himself banned insulting me and chitown over the James Starks thing.

    Grow up. You're such a whiner. No game is going on here.
  2. We never talked about two different posters. Just one. You are so completely delusional it's not even funny man. But whatever....
  3. Is it against the rules to have a laugh about a guy who told ChiTown to go "buffalo bobbin on a blow up doll" and the fact that he got banned? Maybe he shouldn't have been insulted everyone. Get a life man. ChiTown isn't my dupe. You're going to be so disappointed when you find out I'm squeaky clean and always have been.
  4. Bragging about getting someone banned huh, the mods should shut both of you down permanently.
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