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Conversation Between twelvePack and wwfd1220

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  1. double post
  2. twelve, is it me, or is the packer forum really sucking right now ???? To me it just seems like everyone hets everyone else's opinions and ideas. Ehh maybe this is just the offseason and it will take some getting used to. what is your opinion ?
  3. Yeah, that is BS. I can't believe they closed the Offtopic Thread. Well when the whole forum is ruined, they will have to look no further then themselves.
  4. you see how weak leadership handles things..... they use there super powers to close threads . that way nobody can hurt there feelings and make them feel inferior like they are.... wonderful message of great quality coming from the next generation
  5. hey check out yboord and dbroncs visitor messages.... it sounds as if though we are all a joke to these clowns
  6. well i see all of the mods are coming in here to see what has been written.... i am sure that we will see a mass of deleted posts here in a few minutes
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