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Conversation Between ThomasTomasz and Wrench

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  1. PHI is going to be skipped at 11:55PM EST, after that you can pick in the draft.
  2. OTC in the draft
  3. Thanks bud
  4. I went ahead and gave you power over the entire forum, let me know if you have any problems.
  5. Hey seems we are getting close to starting the NFL mock. I'll be running FA so when you get a chance I need TM powers in there so I can close threads when guys sign. Thanks.
  6. What ever you want to do, figure run them to Fri so can unstick for weekend. Figure just do this for the rounds so it doesn't mess with the weekend, but I'll back by then. Just didn't want to wait a week to get them up as you know activity for these plummet when there is down time and most of the votes end up being just GMs anyways. Thanks.
  7. I can post them Tuesday. What about Monday after we unstick everything except for MNF
  8. Hey when every you get the chance can you post the round one matchups? I figure we would want to wait till like Tues to start them so they don't mess with week two on the main. I'll just be gone on vacation starting tomorrow after work so won't be around to do so.
  9. with the skips you are otc agian
  10. Otc
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