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Conversation Between Cnd_DEnd and kyllonen06

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  1. thanks buddy
  2. is that book? whats it about? everything ? or god? football? and i wanna get stronger but not fatter, like lean muscle like julius peppers you know?
  3. no problem man we all gotta have inspiration. Im reading reggie whites book in the trenches...thats what i think about when i dont wanna do something and no i should and have too. ill get myself to run a extra mile that way.
  4. thanks bud, your giving me inspiration. i just gotta hit the weights and work on speed and like you said focus on more technique for a pass rush.
  5. i use to always bash myself for different things short too small not fast enough...then i realized none of that matters unless you make it matter. Bust ur tail and study the game and people cant stop you. This game is more about technique..those other things just make you "ideal"

    Ive seen terrance taylor play back in high school hes listed at 6'...hes not hes like 5'11 even i wouldnt give him 5'11 and 1/16 and hes gunna be a late round draft pick. most DT's are 6'3 or taller.
  6. thanks alot bud, yeah i always loved to play End but everyone always told me im to short. so im trying my hardest to prove everyone wrong, so i gottawork on speed and strength.
  7. i tell you what the key is eatting. To lose weight gain weight everything the key is eating. I eat every 3 hours so my body constantly is in an anabotic state. But you gotta eat good and small portions. Its really not that hard just make sure u eat every 3hrs...high protein. Stay away from carbs later in the day. far as lifting. do explosive lifts and full body lifts. Like olympic lifts like snatch and pull, eat 1 and a half to 2 hrs before a workout and eat 30 minutes to 1hr after a workout. far as lifting...just bust ur balls and keep the workout 1-1 and a half no long...not including any stretching or running

    Ur size isnt actually that bad if you go to sparq's website and search speed training workout theres a free one on there from tom shaw
  8. oh right on, im trying to play university ball in canada, right now im playing junior college. i play Rush End and sometiems OLB, but im to small im barely 6'2 and 225. so igotta hit the weights alot harder, you got any good workout plans?
  9. Wayne State University its in the GLIAC with teams like Grand Valley Saginaw Valley I play DL most likely DT in the 3 technique
  10. who you playing d2 ball for? and what position?
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