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Conversation Between Dr Cyanide 28 and Giannis94

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  1. not really looking to trade hilton but royal is more available.
  2. What for Hilton? Cards- Got time now to chatzy if needed. Not later
  3. Ill ask my co.
  4. I would do mike jenkins and a low level pick for adams i think.
  5. Signed him.
  6. mike jenkins is intriguing for us. did u sign him or did u trade for him
  7. Is there anything we can do or no?
  8. hmm i will get back to you later tonight i have to get to class
  9. I mean I could deal Captain Munnerlynn or Mike Jenkins. Otherwise I can't really help you out that much. I do have a 2nd rd pick that might be availible
  10. as for starters
    OC, RT, RB2, MLB, CB2
    in terms of depth looking for cap friendly at
    oline, rb, qb, secondary
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