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Conversation Between Dr Cyanide 28 and Lucky.

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  1. Hey, we need two more people for the Broncos forum fantasy league. I know you almost signed up last year. Would you be interested in joining?
  2. they can trade the rights for just as denver has right now for him, but that doesnt mean he is bound to them and is still a free agent correct?
  3. Not quite yet. UTB+UK are trying to steal him from me via SnT.
  4. well you won chris harris... so thats nice as well lol
  5. You win. I'll have to (hopefully) settle for Brown.
  6. I want my Knowshon and his tears of patriotism.
  7. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    You're making this difficult lol

    KJ and I were like

    Then you replied in like two minutes lol
  8. I see you made the pick, I certainly can't complain.
  9. I used to do the same thing

    Sim through it and just do the off-season.

    Love the offseason and draft.
  10. im in
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