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Conversation Between EAGLES3658 and richiesaurus310

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  1. $142,847,403
  2. Send me your cap space and I'll write it up
  3. Yeah that's fine. I'll do that
  4. Screw it if you can do Smith for Peters and your 5-158 you have a deal.
  5. I don't think I can do that. Brooks is an elite guard IMO. He's expensive but I can't let him go for nothing. Peters was playing like a top 5 LT still and I know he had the injury and he isn't as valuable but I think with his diminished value that Malcom Smith is fair for him. Smith is also coming off an injury.
  6. Malcolm Smith, G Joshua Garnett, and ? for both?
  7. I like Peters but my issue is he may retire since he's 36 and coming off a torn up knee. I'd ideally want them both because of that.
  8. Peters for Malcom Smith?
  9. Naw I just like Garoppolo to Evans way too much
  10. No chance you move Evans even if I send a really good replacement in Baldwin?
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