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Conversation Between EAGLES3658 and WarriorPride

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  1. PM me back what youre' thinking.
  2. My bad I was waiting to see about if this other deal went through.
  3. Waiting on response to my PM.....
  4. Shoot me a PM so we can talk in there instead.
  5. Yeah it doesn't have to be David tho. I also like boyue foster fournette brate and picks. Trying to shed salary as well
  6. Well the last time we talked about Baldwin it was based around David/Marshall with the WR's?
  7. Yeah I get that. I was just looking to do something smaller for brate. You can make an offer for Baldwin but id need garÁon as a replacement in any deal
  8. lmao no I'm not expecting you to I'm just saying those are the only 2 players I'm interested in, so I would need one of them, and would obviously add to Brate so those 2 players are more valuable. We're really interested in Baldwin.
  9. Yeah I'm not dealing Donaldor Baldwin for Brate
  10. Did you get my PM?
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