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Conversation Between flgatorsandjags and Norm

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  1. Yeah I did, if he didn't like the thread he shouldn't of clicked on it. Its not like I broke any rules. He is a mod so he can close it, its bs. For weeks at a time dude doesn't even come on psd and then he just pops up and does **** like that lol
  2. If that thread had been closed I would have went off.

    There's no way that isn't thread worthy.

    There's a thread for that in tons of NFL main forums around the web.....
  3. Yeah its because WJO gets his panties in a bunch when you mention Tebow. He puts Teddy,Teddy,Teddy in the title and no one in our forum wanted him too because we wanted the season to play out before he crowns Teddy as our draft pick but that's what he does. I guess since hes the mod he thinks its his forum and he tries to flex his muscles with his mod powers lol
  4. How come you're not allowed to have a Tebow thread in your forum? lol

    Our freaking forum has a Tebow thread....
  5. "If there was a team in London right now, Tebow would be their starter for the next 5 years"

    I asked about the NFLUK thing and how she knows they said he's getting signed. That's all she said back though.
  6. That makes sense really. So like if whoever you draft next year, let's say they don't do so good early, nobody will be like TEBOW! if he didn't play well. Or if that guy got hurt or something. Get the Tebow stuff out of the way if he IS terrible. And make the transition away from Gabbert easier since nobody will question it.
  7. "COACHING staff is for it. Feel he can be scapegoated if he keeps losing, will produce more than Blane. Have nothing to lose this year. If lose, blame Tebow. Proves Gabbert is done. Never have to hear cries for Tebow again in future seasons. Makes the season worth more than just a high pick"

    Kind of interesting?
  8. haha I hope he gets signed at least we would be fun to watch. The only thing im worried about is if he comes here we might win to many games and not get the number one pick
  9. "Heard last month through the grapevine Goodell's inner circle offered threats of collusion lawsuits towards NFL teams in an effort to get Tebow signed"

    LOL! Omg.
  10. I know you might not like me much but I think ya kind of like Tebow like I do.

    Anyways, I know a women working in the media in JAX, not sports, but she works down there. She's be feeding me the Tebow stuff for a long time.

    Anyways, this actually has legs this time I guess. PM me if ya want but she asked me not to post it anywhere. I'll explain what she thinks is happening/happened.
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