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Conversation Between n8ghee and Norm

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  1. Lol he made an account again. I feel look being at over 100 dupes is worse than 120k posts. Maybe that's just me though
  2. What did dupemcghee say about me.
  3. bromigo. We're doing that adopt a packer thing and uze up.
  4. No idea when ill be home
  5. u got time today foo
  6. At work for a while then bar. Raincheck
  7. hop on AIM, i wanna do another mock
  8. So annoying that nate dude isn't on a proxy. Money says he moved to a new place with a new ip
  9. Dude. Stop quoting that dcenate dude. He's just a dupe troll on a proxy.

    Please. Just put him on ignore. Maybe he'll leave.
  10. Lol. I've talked to him on AIM before, he's a strange dude.
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