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Conversation Between Ramon Nivar and SteelCurtain

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  1. NFL ATRD time again bub! Hope you look in here soon!!!
  2. You're up
  3. Oops My inbox was full
  4. Sorry. On deck, not up yet
  5. You're up buddy
  6. I'd send it to more than just I, but yeah.
  7. Canz I senze u listeses?
  8. Haha. They all do. Once you're allowed to see your friends whenever you want outside of school you quickly quit caring about it.
  9. Niiiice Doing pretty good. Nick's loving kindergarten and Ali can't wait to start school. I'm sure she'll get over that soon though. lol
  10. End of the year at school so I gave the kiddies a study guide and am sitting on PSD now. Finally. I haven't been on here consistently in forever.

    How is your life treating you?
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