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Conversation Between DIRKDIGGGL3R and jakub

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  1. idk what do you like
  2. Who are you offering for Hjalmarsson?
  3. Hjal might work
  4. Id need a pretty high end winger if Brodin was to go. He's a legit #2 on a rookie deal.
  5. hook me up with Brodin
  6. Skinner/Elias. Hey bro looking at tightening up my top 6. What's your asking price for your wingers?
  7. Elias+Severson or Dillon for Brodin+pick
  8. nah, I need a defensive D. Ellis won't work
  9. Any interest in Ellis + my upcoming pick (round 14 + 17) for 19th + Skinner and Elias?
  10. I'll take defense
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