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Conversation Between lotti51 and Sportfan

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  1. Hey man I am really having trouble with your sig. I am not really to good with multiple renders, I could give you something it is just not going to look good. I can keep trying, but idk.
  2. red and white, canada colors
  3. LOL ok and what colors are you guys, final question.
  4. lol i was expecting it to be like thursday anyway Tomorrow or monday would be great
  5. Ok, I would do it now but I have tons of HW. So expect it Tuesday, but maybe tomorrow. Sorry for the wait bro, it will be worth it though.
  6. yea lol.

    Uhhhhh my team is Canada Americans lol.

    could you put my username and my co's (monkeyboy?) Thanks a lot man
  7. Larry Fitz and Miles Austin? Not trying to be stupid I just want to get it right

    And what team are you? And do you want any specific text on it?
  8. Fitzgerald, Austin Deangelo Williams and Curtis Lofton?
  9. Eh probably 4.
  10. How many guys could you fit on the sig?
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