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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and homie564

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  1. Sorry dude, was at work, would have been interested.
  2. Hey bud I'm interested in moving up to your pick. My pick is 7 picks away. What would it take?
  3. Smith, Spaling, Robidas, Allen, Booth all available, also have 15 million in space if you need to shed salary.
  4. yeah... good luck bud.
  5. "Toffoli is a top 10 prospect in the NHL"... I don't even know what to say about that.. lol Agree to Disagree sir, good day.
  6. I dont undervalue anything, Vermette is a 3rd line winger on a good team... Toffoli is a top 10 prospect in the NHL and is NHL ready. Pearson is a stud aswell. I'm all set if either of those guys is even brought up.
  7. You really undervalue the guy then.. Great on the PK and producing and I included a good goaltending prospect which is on par with Pearson I believe. If your getting Vermette for $1.87 a year, i need a good return.
  8. wait wait wait... you want toffoli and pearson for ANTOINE VERMETTE... no. thanks.
  9. That's an awful trade for a guy that's good for 20-30 goals a year on a great contract as is.

    7th (NJD)
  10. I'll give you linden vey and a 3rd if you can retain 50%
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