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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and joeyc77

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  1. I can also just release Budaj for nothing. Budaj > Greiss and there's no guarantee someone won't swoop in
  2. Nope, not when I can get Griess for free.
  3. It's gotta be something legit... Just throw me a 7.0 C spec. You can pick
  4. my 6th round pick?
  5. Yeah I just want a pick or a prospect. Nothing major
  6. I am currently the leader for Griess and would prefer him, so if I can get him for next to nothing then I can take him off your hands.
  7. Still want Budaj?
  8. open to both, best price is a mid first, 2nd, and a spec.
  9. What are you looking for picks/specs or a hockey deal?
  10. ugh.. whats your offer for him first? If I like it I'll do it.
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