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Conversation Between ******2017 and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. There is one poster in the forum that is far more annoying than Yosef, LA and anyone else combined. He literally brings nothing to the forum. I'm done with the OTT for a while if that poster is in the forum.
  2. Yeah from what I understand Kane/DB is the best thing they have going.
  3. I actually missed it lol, Raw has been so bad lately that i quit watching. I saw that Jerry collapsed thread and wanted to check the updates. I'll have to youtube it later, I've heard good things about it.
  4. Lmfao Miz as a "gangster". Pee Wee Herman is tougher than the Jizz.
  5. I would love it if they beat MSU in the regular season this time. I still haven't heard the end of the hail mary pass, despite losing in the big ten championship game......
  6. They want/need Michigan and Ohio State up that high. I think in the end they could make top 10 again but only because the Big 10 is trash.
  7. Japan is ****ed up lol
  8. Yeah I figured Michigan would lose. The Big 10 just does not match up well with the SEC. Factor in Denard is a horrid QB and we are starting a bunch o freshman on the DL vs. a Power running team and you get that mess.

  9. Thanks Japan!
  10. Full moon tonight apparently
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