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Conversation Between NateyB24 and Norm

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  1. I wish our team played every week like they were playing you guys lol. They look asleep half the time but not Seattle..Mike pulls out the biggest game plan too. It's crazy. Not for Minnesota but for you guys always.
  2. Same deal we heard since his college days. Not a huge surprise. Too bad. He's crazy talented
  3. Michael for Lacey and you got a deal .

    Only expecting a 6th or 7th round pick to be honest teams know we want to trade him furthermore the RB Coach here threw him under the bus saying he doesn't follow instructions.
  4. How many firsts are you going to get for Michael? Lol
  5. You sig quoted me right? When I said absolutely nothing out of line.

    I'd like to see where I've said anything like that lately? I've been speaking pretty matter of factly.

    You're more than free to put me on ignore. But I'm not going to stop be critical of someone who is flawed and when I bring those flaws out I get scoffed at. I was going to be gone from the thread until Alex called me out about some RGIII stat for no reason.

    I don't know why you can't handle my criticism. You're free to defend. I'm free to counter any point.
  6. Whats your deal dude? I mean seriously i go into the Wilson forum to say he had a good performance and stuff and then you come out calling us Seattle fans homers....I haven't seen one fan be a homer about Wilson just excited about him. You act like this radio personality over here on KJR who acts like any QB under 6'2 should never be given a shot to start.
  7. Bring back my sig quote so I can show you the new PFF article. I want you to see you defend him as a timing passer when the stats show he holds the ball longer than any other QB.
  8. Some guy made a thread about him and said like THUG LIFE lol and I said I wish we had an enforcer like that.
  9. Yes, But i really don't care i love how physical and dirty Browner can be at times it makes WR's fall down on purpose just so they don't get planted.
  10. I didn't quote it for that i quoted it for the part where Wilson may not get one TD.

    I think Wilson will be just fine we pretty much run the same type of Offense Wisconsin does. I am fully willing to eat my crow if he sucks though.
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