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Conversation Between NY_Heartbreak and jetsforever

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  1. Hey fellow Jets fan. Vote for me will you

  2. Hopefully I'll have one of a Heinz Field back flip next Sunday.
  3. You did a good job.
  4. Haha, thanks. The first thing I did after the game was go on youtube for the latest clips.
  5. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd your new sig is better
  6. That's true. Hey, there's nothing left now but to believe in our team. There are only two options - win, or win.
  7. Yeah... That's a divisional matchup in the playoffs with the amount of bad blood we have. Going to be a crazy game. Just hopefully we can get to that next level and get back at them.
  8. Definitely. With all the pressure and hype surrounding this game, I sometimes forget that we still have another one to play before the Super Bowl.
  9. Such a crazy moment. The revenge felt so good. Really a great moment for Jets football, hope we can add to that this Sunday. This would be even better.
  10. Thanks man, you're the first one to comment on it. Sometimes I just stare at it for a few minutes. I hope so too!
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