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Conversation Between NY_Heartbreak and fanofclendennon

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  1. Hahaha!

    That's great stuff. Yeah I was reading that and I said "this has to be FoC". So I sent you a PM instead of posting it in a thread just in case you didn't want people to know it was you. LOL
  2. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! Yeah, in 1988, as a 28 year old, I was sipping champagne in the upper deck with a buddy the night the Mets clinch their last first place finish. Also, while i was a very good softball player in my mid to late 30s playing against slower, overweight players from the local JCC, it is doubtful i could have held my own in a wood bat fast pitch baseball league. But thanks for thinking of me!
  3. "Brian Erni, who has been doing a terrific job the last few weeks analyzing player performances after each game. Erni is a life-long Mets fan with an undergraduate degree in Communications and American Studies and a master’s degree in Communication Arts. Today, he’s a Senior Account Executive at a public relations and strategic communications firm. He also plays for and manages a championship wood bat baseball team on Long Island. He was handed down the orange and blue from his father, and attended his first Mets game in 1988 when he was 3 years old. To follow Brian Erni on Twitter, click here.

    I saw this on Metsblog. When I saw the first two emboldened parts, I was sure that this was you. I remember you mentioning your career and of course, Long Island. But then I saw the third part.
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