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Conversation Between flea and flips333

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  1. 10 years ago I was skeptical... but unlike a lot of other alternative therapies acupuncture has been well researched using well-controlled trials. And in pain at least it is effective. Is it as effective as Oxycodone? Hell no.The truth is that MDs don't often understand how research works or how to do it. When the solution comes from something other than what they are used to, it is met with skepticism... despite the fact that the research is pretty solid
    When this lady says "quack-ademic", its clear that she doesn't understand the way the endogenous opiate system works. I don't blame her... she's a doctor... it's not her job to do research. But When you place an exogenous opiate in the system you get some scary downstream effects: 1. the body removes opiate receptors 2. you see the body respond by increasing protein messengers of a nature that ramp up your pain system. The result is opiates do less for you and you are more sensitive to pain. that is one **** sandwich of a combo.
  2. It's pretty well accepted these days. Acupuncture that is. So much so that health insurance will cover it... and trust me when money is involved it's accepted. The article I posted was from one of the top 10 medical journals in the world. this I heard
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