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Conversation Between Bullseyed and Norm

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  1. I told you not to quote me. I'm discussing it with the mods now. Please stop.
  2. Please do not quote me. You are on my ignore list and I can't delete the quote notifications on mobile from your quotes. If you continue to quote me I will pm the mods about you thirty times a week like you do over me until you're told to stop.
  3. They went to hell everywhere honestly
  4. Ah, yeah.

    I dunno, hopefully things will improve once the season actually starts. Seems like the board is in a rough spot.
  5. Lol he kept changing the subject then pretending he was owning me but what he posted every time was wrong or not the topic I was asking about. You stepped in too. I don't recall what you said though
  6. Regarding what post? I haven't kept up over the long weekend.
  7. xnick makes me want to beat my dog.
  8. I reported that thread for trolling adn politics too.

    Anything I report is automatically allowed afterwards, just because they know it pisses me off and they hope I'll snap on someone so they can ban me instead. lol
  9. Nah I had no issue with what you were saying really. That guy was trying to step in the middle because just seeing my name upsets him I guess. Lol. My phone is a pile and it added some characters into his post I replied to and he thought it had intent. Lol guy makes me chuckle.
  10. Hah, I was kind of thinking why is Norm being a dick to me, he and I had been friendly lately. Makes sense now.
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