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Conversation Between GREATNESS ONE and More-Than-Most

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  1. I think it's a great match-up
  2. Exactly! and Embiid would have Sikma, Mahorn, Gasol!!!
  3. him vs Drob would be amazing but those other guys... Lets be real lol.
  4. Can Joel Embiid score on Robinson/Webber/RahardLewis/Camby? come check out the NBA Forum matchup! Don't have to vote for me again but fools be sleeping on Embeast!
  5. I really hope so!!! Lebron is out of his mind right now!!!! Link? just check the match in the NBA forum LA Borrachos v #TS
  6. also you should send JR smith a thank you basket... He might have just pushed lebron to LA. xD
  7. give me a link
  8. You don't have to vote for me but would love your opinion on the matchup. would be really cool. I think Embiid would flourish with MJ in a triacgle offense scheme game
  9. lol they probably related to the Colangelos.
  10. Bro they trying to tell me Mikan would beat Embiid.... Embiid will be playing starter minutes with my team, next to Pau Gasol/Artest/MJ
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