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Conversation Between ******2017 and MJ-BULLS

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  1. You are a Marquette guy.

    What do you know about Jimmy Butler?
  2. Nah uh. Like a pimp son.
  3. Im going to be screaming out loud.
  4. Thats actually kinda easy to steal. just make a nl and brush over it with some purple.
  5. you damm sucker. that is good, except that it has your site's name on it.
  6. looks like the cubs won the first game of the series.
  7. yeah, i dont like cuban either, but the guys is a great owner though. I wanted him to own my cubs, but it never happened.

    how about them brewers.
  8. Im pulling for the mavs for sure. i cant stand lebron and the other 2 knuckle heads. sure they are great talents, i and enjoy watching their talents on display, but their ego's and personalities are very immature and childish. did you catch the cough mocking they were doing?
  9. google and

    i do my own cuts too you know. and i do them quite well, just a bit lazy sometimes.
  10. for the ap sig. i got it from bsx.
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