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Conversation Between Seamhead and PhillyLuver

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  1. check your email i did the first one. let me know what you think of the changes. i also noticed you didn't address the part saying "what questions do you ponder about this topic"
  2. oh yeah i'm not doing that
  3. Questbridge!
  4. what are the essays for? why so early? i'll pm you my email
  5. Yeah, man. That sounds great. I have 2 done right now, and I have a 3rd one that I might do tonight. They're all due by September 30th.

    What's your e-mail?

    And when you're done with yours, notify me through e-mail b/c my activity here is very sporadic now (mostly b/c of college stuff...) and I might not see it if you send me a PM or whatever.
  6. hey i'm also a HS senior applying to college, i'll read your essays if you want

    maybe you could do the same for me when i'm done with mine?
  7. for antivirus soft, see if you can do a system restore. thats what worked for me
  8. I'm not going to.

    Just go on AIM.
  9. I'll let you make as many picks as you want. Probably should discuss on AIM though. I'm philliesfan678
  10. Yes, of course. I want to be more involved than last time, though, when I took the same position...<_<
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