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Conversation Between Cooper and sacgiants1213

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  1. Thanks. We seem to be doing better since the coaching change.
  2. aite, cool. Thanks for the info.

    God luck the rest of the way.
  3. Mostly dh, but he has been taking a rotation in right field, too. I think his knee is 100% apparent issues with it.
  4. is he playing D this year or is he just DH?

    i can easily look this info up, but it's much easier asking here.
  5. I think alot of teams are waiting to see if he is really healthy. He strikes out more often than I'd like to see, but he is also hitting more home runs than in the past few seasons, too. Hell...we'd probably trade both of them for Lincecum!
  6. aite. Reason why i ask is because Guillen's name has been thrown around by some people of the Giants media as a potential trade target. As for Dejesus, he's always been a player that's been intriguing, but i know it will be difficlut to pry him away. Don't be shocked if Guillen to the giants rumors start up.
  7. The Royals will be more open to talks about Guillen. They will likely be willing to pay a portion of his remaining salary, if not most. They would want more of a return for Dejesus...likely a couple of good prospects.
  8. hey i know you're a big time royals fan, so maybe you can help. What do you think the asking price for Guillen or Dejesus will be at the deadline?
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