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Conversation Between Oefarmy2005 and Hawkeye15

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  1. I so want to quote you in the overrated thread, "Coming from a guy who thinks Beasley is better" lol. But I would never do that to a fellow Wolves fan.
  2. Beasley does try on D. But he overcrowds, and do you ever recall seeing him in a passing lane?
    And I agree, Love has got to start being better on the defensive side. Period. If he wants to make the jump to top 3-4 PF in his prime, its a must
  3. I know what you are saying stats wise, and I know you are big stats guy, but I am just talking about what I see. Beasley usually gives up points to his guy when he is coming over as the weak side defender helping somebody else. He just tries harder on D than Love, he tries to block shots, he tries to close out on his man when the D rotates. Love just doesn't hustle as much, he just hangs around the rim and waits for a rebound. Just IMO, off-course. Love has grown on me though, and I like his effort on the offensive end, I just wish he would try a little harder on D.
  4. look at the production Beasley gives up. He is not much better, if at all, defensively.
  5. I understand you are trying to keep things in perspective, but I am not sure why you are trying to be rational in one of the few positive Wolves threads made in the last year in the main forums. The Wolves forum is for the reality check. Cmon bro.
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