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Conversation Between FOBolous and dbroncos78087

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  1. thanks the comic. it brightened my day a little lol

    I'm sure you will appreciate this.
  3. We definitely need to ramp up our STEM programs. If we actually did that, then I believe the pieces would fall into place.
  4. yea i've heard. It's pretty big news back in Taiwan where I'm from.
  5. I have sworn off posting in the GD forum (because it has become a cesspool). But the article you posted was pretty interesting, though I think some of the reasons are probably overstated. The versatility comes at great expense to the workers. I trust you have seen some of the recent articles and whatnot about Foxconn and their worker treatment.
  6. lol i don't care
  7. Sorry for derailing your thread a bit, but basic facts cant go unchallenged.
  8. It is an ever changing world and when we start assuming it is static, we stop succeeding.
  9. You should =) China is a really interesting place. When people think of "China," they think of one place with only one group of people with one language and one culture. You can't be any more wrong than that. China is every diverse, and each region of China have their own unique culture and dialect. What you experience in Sichuan will be very different from what you will experience in Hong Kong which will, in turn, be different from what you will experience in Guanzhou. In addition, every region of China have their own unique culinary cuisine.

    How their government works and why it is so efficient despite being so big is really interesting too. I've been trying to figure that our for awhile, and I can't. There's not one source you can find with all that information. A lot of information I find is very vague. If you research enough, it almost seems like China already have their own version of democracy but at the same time, it doesn't. It's confusing. I wish I can find more information and understand it better.
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