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Conversation Between Mamba42 and koldjerky

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  1. Gray is pretty sweet lol.
  2. Oh yeah good call. They gave me TM powers in the Bulls forum so that I could stick threads and such, so I guess that switched me. I liked being gray like you, darn.
  3. You went blue when you became Mod, then gray when you denounce your mod-hood, but now you're black.
  4. I mean, I guess it could be true... lol
  5. Lol what?
  6. Is it true what they say, once you go black you never go back?
  7. ahh, gotcha! well keep on posting and good luck!
  8. Haha, yeah we did. Let's not kid ourselves, I was a really ****** mod... lol jk. I have to focus on finishing up my dissertation now so I don't have the time to delete posts, review reported posts, keep surf in line, etc.
  9. Didn't we just talk via PM about you modding? And now you're done? I just started liking you as a mod
  10. Could only add two of them so I did Rick and Morty and Bob's Burgers
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