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Conversation Between WoodbridgeSkins and Teeboy1487

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  1. It actually wasn't all that funny. Best part is when Cooley says, "TONY"! after hitting him in the ***. Anything to bash the Cowboys is ok in my book though. Have you seen the cowboys TE Martellus Bennett's "Black Olympics" on Youtube? That's some funny ****!
  2. Woodbridge, Have you seen that Chris Cooley video about Romo and Witten? I can't stand the guy. I bet you will like it.
  3. I couldn't have been banned over a better 3 day period. 4th of July weekend took up all my time. How was yours? I need to get my sig up.
  4. Welcome back my breaking news friend. Did you have a good three day vacation?
  5. Got some candy?
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