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Conversation Between allSUAVE and Khalifa21

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  1. MAN I had some good Melo quotes but my ex changed my password on my email they are done if they lose dwill
  2. I know dude, it's crazy.. I had loads of quotes saved from a certain Nets poster when Melo was 'close' to being a Net. It's not all of them but some of them have a nasty habit of saying things that can come back and make them look foolish. When Deron leaves in FA, most of these Nets fans will be saying he's not even a top 10 PG... Just the way they are bro.
  3. AYO Net fans crack me saving a whole lot of quotes so when Dwill leaves we shall all have a laugh

    i think im going to be banned permanently sigh
  4. I know man. I ment to approach you too because your user name is khalifa21 lol, yup its Taylor Gang or Die ,Or must I say TaylorKnick gang or die? lol ..we got the best taste on hear man, PSD is not ready for this Taylored Music !!but you know Stay TaylorKnicked brother! We the best.
  5. Yo man, i'm a massive Wiz fan (hence the name) and Knicks fan, so we have two pretty big things in common! Good to see a fellow Taylor Gang member on this forum
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