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Conversation Between Aussy4GM and rdwilliamson

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  1. Here....

  2. thanks alot man, again thank you for putting up with me. i know im a pain in the ***
  3. I'll get the team bar tommorrow.
  4. actually nevermind dude i think i figured out how to make them. sorry for the trouble. ide still love the team bar if its possible
  5. there is no way you could just change the cano to texiera is there? im sorry due im being a pain in the ***. other than that its great. if you dont want to you dont have to change it dude. and then youll do that team bar thing for me right?
  6. Will this work....
  7. i figured that much. instead of granderson just do robinson cano if you can. thank you!
  8. I can't find any Granderson pics for the Yankees yet.
  9. by the way congrats to your saints. and if you could do that for me it would be appreciated & ill give you credit.
  10. is there any way you could do a 3 slide sig? one slide with derrick rose that says Aussy,then a slide with steve smith of the giants that says 4, and curtis granderson yankees that says gm. and for the team bar thing if you could do yankees,new york giants,chicago bulls,ohio state buckeyes, and new jersey devils.
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