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Conversation Between Aussy4GM and MJ-BULLS

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  1. well its to much stuff i have to upload to do all of them.

    but you can look here, some manips and sig i have made.
  2. you dont have a link to the collection and i could just look through them? like all of your sigs? im sure youve made some rose ones too ill just look through them and use the one i like the most.
  3. yeah just wait a sec. im going too look threw the collection.
  4. yeah lemme see them dude,im sure ill like one of them. if not you can just make me a new one right?
  5. alright i can make you a noah sig, i actually have some saved that i made a while back. idk if you will be interested in them, you want to see em?
  6. alright can i have a Noah Sig Pic. Do what you do and make it sick. if you can do that i would appreciate it.
  7. i dont know about having that much peple on a sig, i usually just add at the max 3.

    i can make you the use bar though, just that i going to work later on today, maybe i can have it for you tomorrow.
  8. man i wish i had the talent. Can you make me a sig pic with Rose,Redick,Lebron,Amare,Noah you can do whatever else you want with it be creative. and a fan bar with the yankees,new york giants,bulls,buckeyes, and new jersey devils. if you could do that for me i will give you ridiculous props .
  9. every picture/graphic i wear i manipulate and make.

    i can make u something. what do you want?
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