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Conversation Between Bucsfan and jimbobjarree

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  1. bahahaha mate, your hair is so bad you should just go die. Life is simpler when duke is on your ignore list. He wants you to die, called me out as a fake fan or something, yet still wants to play this redraft thing with us? Weird guy.
  2. well he is on my ignore list as well, I havent read his recent posts, but i did read his profile visitor message he left on my profile...It was a good laugh
  3. haha. He's on my ignore list, so all I can see is when you guys quote him. What a giant douche though, there are other websites, I dont get his deal. This site is all about people reading your point of view and countering, nobody cares about his so its pointless that he keeps coming back. Yet he still does. Does beg the question of how few friends he has in real life though as you said before.
  4. I think you might be right...I think the "under" will win you the over/under contest...t minus 24 hours at this point
  5. haha he must have a lot of time on his hands and no one to spend it with. Suprising since he goes out to all these bars and parties in Vegas.

    I love how he can change his name hundreds of times yet he still doesn't have a clue what he's talking about
  6. I dont know how he doesnt get tired of this
  7. I wish they'd just ban the latest duke dupe already
  8. ive suspected him for a while
  9. ladies and gentlemen, mr dukejazz:
  10. your favorite friend is back!!! with 2 accounts now!
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