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Conversation Between ******2017 and Ron!n

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I was deleting them when I got your notification.

    Its disturbing that they seem to have moved onto spamming inside threads...
  2. That would be awesome. Easiest way to actually talk to a player and get his autograph is at minor league games.
  3. Haha definitely. Whens Greinke supposed to be back>
  4. Pretty much sums it up.

    I didn't catch this game, but I really want to watch today. I really like watching Gallardo pitch.

  5. The Cubs did
  6. So is Narveson in your sig today as a tribute to him hopefully being shelled by the Cubs today?

    But in all seriousness I wish todays and tomorrows matchups were switched around. Garza and Gallardo would have been sweet.
  7. Yay!!!!
    But i think your nicest one is either the Rondo one or the University of Wisconsin.
    But it seems to stick with a couple of them and rotate, such as the UofW one i had never seen it till i kept refreshing the image.
    The ones that i usually see is the Seinfeld Rondo and Eagles ones along with Robin Yount.
  8. Hehe, i know how you do it now just had to Right Click and View Image.
    That is a cool trick though, basically you made it to choose a random signature from your gallery?
    At least now i know im not going crazy.

  9. At least tell me this is it a .GIF with a really long gap between each one?
  10. Now how do you do that sig thing?
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