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Conversation Between ******2017 and Ron!n

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  1. Yeah I imagine it must suck having people loading from your server. Especially on a site with as many visitors as PSD.
  2. Yeah thats what it is. I don't blame you for adding it, just thought it was a cool indicator that someones been using your designs.
  3. Nice find. I'll add it to this one, and definitely start using it for interleague from now on.

    BTW I started a game with you on Words with Friends but you never played. ****** right?
  4. Well with the schedule everything is covered. I just feel bad cause PC521 has 2 days in a row lol.
  5. I'm going to see if Croce wants to step up and start doing some. God knows hes always on PSD anyways

  6. Especially since JJ and Doc are going today. I'm going to put one up now.
  7. Hey Binky, are you going to be able to do the IGT today?

    In case you didn't know we copy everything from here. But if your old format is easier you can stick with that.
  8. Haha, thanks.

    Unfortunately, folks don't seem to understand that and you're bound to see another couple threads on the subject soon.
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