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Conversation Between Mamba42 and BDawk4Prez

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  1. Yeah I shouldn’t have said anything.
  2. I guess there is more to your guys relationship than I realized then. I've seen a few posts back and forth between you two but never thought much of it.

    I was just saying it makes sense to critique anyone's posts but to me the mod thing is silly cause the mods are just really under appreciated here IMO. I think it's the same thing about the TMs too (like you) where you make GDTs and keep your forums running but it's never appreciated. That's my only point.

    I get what you were saying, don't get me wrong, but I don't see the point in TM or mod status being a part of it (in my personal opinion). There are others who say that mods/TMs should be held to a higher standard though, so it's not like my opinion is the only valid one haha.
  3. He has made some reports about me being a TM and questioning forum rules and such. I posted once about not caring his opinion on politics/football when he told me that I needed to not worry about why psd does what they do.

    He baits/trolls all the time, especially towards me when it comes to cheap hits, Dirty play because I defended burfict once before. I just asked that he not bait, as a mod, and provide discussion instead.
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